Thursday, May 13, 2010

Forever Mine, Forever More: An Adoption Lullaby

Happy Gotcha Day Mia!

Forever Mine, Forever More: An Adoption Lullaby

by Angie Tucker

Before you came home,
I spoke words to you in the air,
And the wind swept them up,
As if light as a prayer.

Over steep mountains,
Across oceans blue,
It traveled to bring
My message to you.

As the warm wind tumbled
Through tall summer trees,
The leaves clapped & applauded
As if to agree.

For the wind told the trees
Part of my message to you,
“You are loved, you are loved,”
So simple, so true.

You are loved, you are loved.

When the wind traveled
Across the wide open sea,
It whispered part of
The message from me.

As crested waves crashed
Like kisses on the shore,
They revealed what they were told,
“You’re adored, you’re adored.”

You’re adored, you’re adored.

The evening starts burst
With glimmering delight
When they caught word
Of the message in flight.

Well, the moon came around
To see what was the matter,
The stars sparkled as they whispered
“Forever, forever.”

Forever, forever.

When through a tiny window
You peeked,
The wind swirled around
And tickled your cheek.

As you drifted to sleep,
The wind whispered in your ear,
Words sweet as a wish,
As true as a prayer.

And now that I’m holding you,
So close and tight,
I’ll whisper my message,
The wind delivered that night.

Listen close - you can hear it,
As you’ve heard it before.
“You are loved, you are adored,
Forever mine, forever more.”

“You are loved, you are adored,
Forever mine, forever more.”


The Labontes said...

Brought me to tears, Angie. What wonderful words and sentiment for your little girl.

Nadra said...

Beautiful Angie.

Happy Gotcha Day sweet Mia. We love you guys.

jasonliberty said...

Ok!! I'm crying!! That was so beautiful!!!


Team Seghs said...

Lump. In. Throat. So touching!

Wes and Carly Baxter said...

That was beautiful! I am crying once again. I can't get through any blogs on adoption without bursting into tears.
You really should write a book. You have such talent.